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In order to increase the likelihood that USSOCOM topics will transition, topics originate with the Program Executive Officers (PEO) and Program Managers (PM). We participate in one topic call per year and seek technologies that are relevant to the Special Operations Forces (SOF). USSOCOM typically awards three Phase I and one Phase II contracts per topic and then selects one firm to move forward to Phase II, following completion of Phase I. The USSOCOM SBIR program is product oriented. At the conclusion of Phase I, SBIR firms should aspire to a thorough feasibility study meeting a technology readiness level (TRL) of 3 or 4. At the conclusion of Phase II, a prototype meeting a TRL level of 5 to 7 is pursued.

How large are Phase I awards?

The maximum amount of SBIR funding for a Phase I award is $150,000 and the period of performance is six (6) months. USSOCOM does not include options in the resulting Phase I SBIR contracts. Phase I SBIR contracts are Firm Fixed Price contracts.

How large are USSOCOM Phase II awards?

A Phase II contract is awarded with a period of performance of 24 months or less and at a price that typically ranges from $750,000 to $1 million. Proposals should be based on realistic cost and time estimates and not on the maximum time (months) and dollars budgeted.

Can any USSOCOM Phase I awardee submit a Phase II proposal?

The answer used to be "no", but the 2012 Reauthorization changed the answer from "no" to "yes". The change began with the DoD 13.1 SBIR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). That is, for a given SBIR topic, all firms that are awarded Phase I contracts may choose to submit Phase II proposals. Specific USSOCOM instructions on this subject are published for each DoD SBIR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) in which USSOCOM participates and may change to align with Small Business Administration policy changes.