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Proposal Preparation

Phase I

SOCOM Phase I proposal instructions are included in DoD SBIR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). It's important that both the general DoD instructions as well as the USSOCOM specific instructions are reviewed. For further instructions please visit the DoD SBIR/STTR website.

Phase II

The Federal Acquisition Regulation mandate to compete federal procurements is satisfied during the Phase I source selection process. During the follow-on Phase II, USSOCOM does not issue a separate solicitation and no unsolicited proposals will be accepted. Due to limited funding and resource constraints, USSOCOM reserves the right to limit awards under any topic.

For USSOCOM topics included in DoD SBIR solicitations prior to 2013.1: USSOCOM invites the Phase I firm to the follow-on Phase II demonstration effort that proposes an innovative and feasible technology that is suitable for its intended use and that has the best chance to commercialize the needed technology.

For USSOCOM topics included in DoD SBIR Solicitations 2013.1 and later: All firms awarded a previous Phase I contract can submit a Phase II proposal for consideration for a follow-on Phase II SBIR contract. USSOCOM will advise the Phase I firms of the opportunity and instructions to submit a Phase II proposal prior to the completion of the Phase I contract. Phase II proposals are due within 30 calendar days after the end of the respective Phase I contract.