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Phase II Projects & Goals

The goal of USSOCOM SBIR Phase II efforts is to demonstrate that the technology selected for further development is achievable and can be provided to USSOCOM at an acceptable cost. Prototypes are commonly required at the end of USSOCOM Phase II SBIR technology pursuits to validate that the technology is achievable and suitable for its intended use.

Phase II proposals must describe the "vision" or "end-state" of the research and the most likely strategy or path for transition. SBIR efforts transition to an operational capability that satisfies one or more USSOCOM operational or technical requirements. USSOCOM SBIR technologies transition to new or existing systems, larger research programs, or as stand-alone products or services. USSOCOM invests in the more mature technologies and the expected Technology Readiness Level at the end of Phase II is 5 to 7. Technology Readiness Levels are described at

During Phase II, the SBIR firm is also required to further develop the Business Plan delivered during Phase I. Business Plans are required 90 days after the Phase II contract is awarded and 90 days prior to the end of the Phase II contract. The commercialization strategy addresses all the business disciplines needed to sell the innovative technology to USSOCOM, to other Department of Defense agencies and federal agencies, and to private industry as well.