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Phase I Projects & Goals

The goal of USSOCOM Phase I SBIR efforts is to determine if innovative technologies exist and are feasible to resolve Special Operations Forces (SOF) unique technology shortfalls. If not, Program Managers must seek other solutions. The specific goal or objective of each SBIR topic is described in the USSOCOM topic write-up included in the DoD SBIR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).

SBIR firms are also required to provide USSOCOM with a Business Plan as part of the Phase I effort. Business Plans focus the firms' attention on the business disciplines needed to successfully commercialize the innovative technology. This is especially important for newly developed entrepreneurs and small firms that have no or limited experience with the Government SBIR process. At the end of the Phase I period of performance, all Phase I SBIR firms are required to brief appropriate members of the USSOCOM staff on the results of the Phase I effort. Contracting Officer's Representatives use these briefings to help decide which firms have the best chance to successfully transition the technology.

USSOCOM's technology pursuit can't be successful unless the SBIR firm is successful. The USSOCOM SBIR Program Offices focuses on the principle of "Win-Win".