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Doing Business with USSOCOM:
  1. TE
  2. TILO
  3. SOFIC
  4. SBIR
Technical Experimentation (TE):

Small businesses that are interested in USSOCOM should note that USSOCOM conducts Technical Experimentation (TE) events several times a year. These events take place throughout the United States, and include participants from Government, academia, and industry. These experimentation events provide an opportunity for technology developers to interact with Special Operations Forces (SOF) to determine how their technology may support their capability needs. Experiment evaluations consider technologies at a Technology Readiness Level 3 or higher.

Information on TE events can be found at:


The Congressionally-mandated SBIR program is an unclassified program. However, USSOCOM pursues additional safeguards to ensure its technology development pursuits do not compromise operational security. USSOCOM SBIR firms are required to keep the technology they develop from being released in the public domain:

  • Firms are directed not to use the USSOCOM logo on briefing slides or on their marketing materials.
  • Firms are required to seek Contracting Officer approval before publishing an article on a USSOCOM-sponsored technology.
    (Note: Firms should allow 30 calendar days for approval or comments.)
  • International Traffic and Arms Regulation (ITAR) identifies defense articles and services, significant military equipment and major defense equipment that must not be provided to foreign countries without an approved export license from the Department of State. USSOCOM identifies topics subject to ITAR restrictions in the Phase I topic description and/or in the Phase II Statement of Objectives.